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My Last Dream
life drowns my soul,
consuming hope in its
purest state, spine
tingling pain surges
through as I live my life,
wondering what awaits tomorrow,
but the answer is never
far away, tear drops lead me
down a path that I so
familiarly follow, pride
holds nothing back.
Taken from the fields
of beauty and put here,
here is where I make my
last stand, amongst those who
don't care, those who lash out
at others. I find myself trapped
in a hell I create, with my tongue
tied and my mind free, I
am alone with no one,
comforting myself with
the inevitability of death,
wishes are all gone and my
time is up. I follow the path
of so many brave souls before me,
but I'm not brave. A true coward
in my own right, afraid of
what awaits, I try to confuse
my own future with false
lies that give me joy,
but there is no joy,
I'm a dreamer, but now
my dream is about to end,
I'll slowly fade into
the night with the rest of them,
no more pain or tears,
no more lies,
just one last dream that
will put a smile on me,
an everlasting smile knowing
that my dream came true.