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a thousand rose petals fill my mind,
dreams of beauty and desire...
pain surfaces from time to time,
but with you I feel invincible,
unable to hurt...feelings sunk
deep into the heart, blinded by distance,
and illusions of love...the heart knows
no wrong, warming to you and no other,
crying out for the release thats been coming,
heartfelt gestures are made, and satisfaction
is guaranteed...doing it and doing it well,
wanting, needing, and loving...holding on to the
image in my head, all day and night, a tear
does fall for the fear of what i can't control,
losing a piece of that puzzle, or never gaining it...
what frightens me more I do not know, sorting
it out day by day, tyring to pretend it won't hurt,
deeper and deeper I fall, unable to stop, on
a one way course...deeper and deeper I fall,
deep in love with you...and there is no return...