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Growing Weak   |   Never Ending   |   Useless   |   Greed   |   No Name   |   You   |   Faded   |   Life   |   Hell   |   Nothing   |   Sound of Sorrow   |   Dreaming of Pain   |   Alone   |   Insight   |   Solution   |   The Key   |   Watchful Eyes   |   Split   |   Together As One   |   Untitled
faded colors are all I see,
no more horror for me,
lifeless heart searching...
mindless fool wanting,
quickened by the pace of night
through the fight
I find no more reason,
hidden behind walls covered
in your barb wire I
myself as I try to scale your wall.
tortureous lies stab my soul and
from you only hurts more.
faded into the nothing's
of the world,
I see my life as a mirage,
never really there until
needed, always misused and