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Growing Weak
each new day brings new pain,
a bright flower blooms and
a child is killed, one for the other
we exchange, a market of life.
lifelessly wandering your soul
I find no meaning in myself,
my hunger for what i can not have
is no longer there. i hear angels
sing their songs of glory, but
i see demons atop the world.
I'd trade my life for the happiness of you,
for the completeness of your heart.
I've wanted nothing but you for so long
and you want everything but me.
my heart reaches out only to be scorched
by the fire that burns in your touch,
weakness is upon me and I no longer can
control the thoughts of eternal bliss,
trapped in a mindless illusion of
suffering that creates a caldron full
of the worlds vague inconsistencies,
and now this heart is growing weak from
wanting what it will never have.