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my heart falls to the
floor, where you solemnly
stomp your feet,
crushing soul

into the abiss,
sure to never be found again.
I give you all I have,
and I ask for nothing,
nothing but what i deserve.
And now theres something,

something better not known,
something that makes me cry.
Tears are blood, and dying I am,
a hell I create in my own world
of torment, looking in from

the outside you could only imagine
what it is
this heart of mine feels,
bloodied from the fight
that I will never win.

Years of pain that are now
only becoming stronger,
a hateful young man
that hates himself,
friends are obsolete
as is love.

A nomad in the world
around him that
forcefully punishes
his mind.

A remedy, a solution,
and nows there a reason.