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I Saw A Star
I saw a star, bright and shiny, and it
faded away into the night,
like the love I had,
so far away into the next life
it went, tomorrow is always there,
but its not the same,
tears carry my head high,
but pain brings me down,
reaching out for a ledge that
isn't there anymore,
you're gone and I can't
seem to get over what i had,
I ask myself why and what went
wrong, but there isn't an answer;
I only see the faded image of you,
slowly disappearing,
every day and night, its the same.
I drown my sorrow in the devils poison,
I inhaled to make me high
just so I could feel alive,
but it does't work, I am always brought back down.
It hurts.
It hurts.
I hurt.
I saw you, bright and shiny, and
you faded away out of my life.