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Unspoken Words
They creep their way up, trying
to force themselves out into the open.
Fear combined with confusion
stand at the gate, keeping
them from making their escape.
My eyes stare in a dumbfounded
state, with nothing to say.
I watch your every move,
I listen to your every word as they
gently glide past your lips
and I wonder why you're here.
Is it real? Will it end?
I wonder how you could leave,
or why you'd want to.
My confusion sparks the
pounding from inside that
leads to re-examination of
what I feel.
I think I know,
I think I found the answer
in the unspoken words.
The answer that tells me
why I don't want you to leave,
the one that tells me why
my eyes can't stop staring.
Its a simple answer,
Do You Know?
...I Love You...