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Emotions run shallow, only a
foreshadowing of whats to come,
an escape from all that isn't real,
a place where the heart is wrong and
the mind is right. No more tears
because nothings ever wrong,
theres never a reason for what worries
the journeyman on his quest to find
his salvation, lost in his own prison cell
he cries because he is no more,
a pretender of illusion only creating
what he feels in his heart, its not enough
though, to control his own fate, to live
without fear, to hate the hated, its not
enough. He looks to her eyes and
they gives him what he searches for. Its there,
guiding his soul as he hikes through
the thick forests of his mind, and he
only asks that she listen, and understand,
understand how his heart does ache,
and how her touch is so soothing,
understand how her smile wipes
his tears even when she's not near.
I haven'tt asked for much on my journey,
but I do of you, and thats because I love you.