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Both Sides of The Mirror
I can't stand it, nothing to love,
fences are all around me,
I can't escape. Let me out,
Give me my freedom that I have earned.
Let me see both sides of the mirror.
I want more out of life than what I'm getting,
Take me to a place I've never seen,
Give me what I have never had before,
Can I appreciate it or not, is it what I really want or will it
only be enough to satisfy my
curiosity. Feelings run deep, with no
boundaries. I'll take my chances,
take the plunge into the depths of the unknown,
I want to find out what is on both sides of the mirror,
not just the side that I have been looking
at all my life. I'm tired of my side,
I'm sick of it and the way it looks,
I need change, I need nothing. Why
can't I make up my mind, am I
confused, or just asleep. Why
can't I wake, my dreams are too
real. I live through dreams which
don't come true, I see both sides
of the mirror through dreams
that aren't there. Dreams that
never really occurred. My mind is
blank, my heart is empty, my
veins are running dry, and I can't live
on. What am I searching for that
I will never find, why am I
searching for it. Show me, let
me see both sides of the mirror.