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Always in my mind, day
and night, there is no
escape. To be near would
be too much to ask.
Slowly losing contact, slowly
losing my mind. A smile
was once smiled, but
has now been replaced
by a frown. I frown
for you. Knowing that
I have told you what
I felt, and that honesty
is supposed to be rewarded,
but there is no reward for
me. There never has been.
I call but you aren't
there, I email you but you
don't write back. I
want to give in and
just say good-bye, but
there is something about
you, something I saw
in your eyes, something
I heard in your voice,
something I felt in
your touch. You are
special, a little too special
for me I realize. I would have offered
you the world if I could though,
a queen is how you would have
been treated. But my chance
seems to have passed, and
now I can only leave you
with these words. Never
settle for less that what
you deserve, because you
deserve a lot, a lot more
than I have or could have
given. Your happiness is most
important, and if I can't
make you happy, then I
will gladly bow my head and
walk away. A smile I
will show, but my tears will
go unseen. Unseen as usual.