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Place in My Heart
I am overcome with your beauty,
Like the sun shining down on me,
Your warmth engulfs me and
I am unable to think and act clearly.

Like a flower, my feelings for
You have blossomed into something
I can no longer hold back.
No change in the weather can make them whither and die.

Looking into your eyes I
See gems that are priceless,
Bright, sparkling, and full of
Life like the deep blue oceans.

Your love would be the
Treasure of all treasures:
If only I could be the
One to discover it.

At night I lie awake in bed
While my mind drifts off to a
Place where all I do is
Think about you.

I know I may never be the one
To keep you warm at night, or
Comfort you when you are feeling down, but
In my heart there will always be a place for you.