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I want many things,
Some more important than
Others. The things that

Are the most important
Are the things that can not
Be bought or sold at a price.

They are the things that
Most overlook and take
For granted each and everyday.

They are the memories that
We have, the dreams and aspirations,
And the love that we feel.

These are all things
That I want, but they are
Things I thought I `d never find.

But I think that I
Have found these things,
From an unlikely source though.

I have found these in a
Person, a person I've
Never seen, a person I've

Never heard. This is a
Special person though, one I am
Able to tell anything too.

This person is you.
I want to look into your eyes
And know what you're thinking.

I want to hold you at night.
I want to be loved by you.
I want you.